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Health care regions in Bavaria

The Health Care Region of Bavaria

The Bavarian Ministry for the Environment and Health believes that interlinking the local players in the health business are the key building blocks for plans to develop the Bavarian health care sector. This is the reason why the Bavarian Ministry for the Environment and Health introduced the Bavarian Seal of Quality (Health Care Region of Bavaria) to reward the efforts of these regions. Regional networks can compete with one another for the Seal of Quality in a contest taking place once a year to showcase their quality and expertise.

The Bavarian Ministry for Health has three objectives with the state seal:

  • promoting patient’s well-being, especially on a wide scale
  • establishing the Seal of the Health Care Region of Bavaria brand as visible proof of achieving a reliable level of quality
  • forging stronger bonds between individual health sector business partners within these health care regions by visibly demonstrating opportunities for advancement

The Health Care Region of Bayreuth was certified as one of the currently 17 Bavarian health care regions in June of 2012.

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